Top 10 Tips For Buying a Used Caravan

Top 10 Tips For Buying a Used Caravan

To help you on your way when buying a used caravan, I have made a list of ten things that you should always do when you are considering buying a used caravan. If you prefer to buy a new caravan I find that you will pay over the top prices for it.

1) Caravan or camper van?

Your first decision will be which type of vehicle is right for you, do u want to travel to lots of different places, do u want to travel alone or with friends and family, do u want to travel around the country visiting lots of different towns or do u want to travel around the world and visit many different places.

2) Length of stay in the caravan

Does your holiday involve very long holidays, trips or just a few days every month? If the length of your holidays is very long then you will need to consider whether you can afford to buy a new van every year. If the amount of time you want to spend every month is very important to you, then only a new vehicle every year is suitable. Since used caravans are less versatile than new ones they are much less economical to maintain and it is important to keep this in mind.

3) Size of the caravan

How many beds do you need in the caravan? If you are traveling very far with the caravan do you need all the beds in one unit or do you need to consider couples bunk beds and perhaps a triple-bedded unit? Once you decide on the size and shape that you need the challenge becomes how many vehicles fit in it. My favorite saying is that it fits in your stomach. Once you have decided on the size and shape that is still your decision, however, you have to find the right place to put it.

4) Toilet/Shower

Once you have decided on the size and shape you need to find a place that will not inundate the van with unpleasant smells. In order to do this you can look into purchasing a caravan shower and toilet as this will remove some of the odors. Toilet paper is not an option you will need to use a Zoo mat.

If you are traveling with animals or large groups of people you may need a bigger van to provide enough room. If you are just traveling with you partner or your family members than you will need to find a smaller camper to tow. The majority of people will find that a campervan that is larger than they are is very comfortable and it makes driving around them very easy.

5) Always remember to

Check the fluids, fuel and electrical system of the used caravan. Since most of these vans have the amenities built in, it will be difficult to tow a caravan with a standard television. Since this outdoor vehicle is water capacity on average, you tit have to be sure that the fresh water container (which should be located either in therates office or in the camper van itself) is filled up before you go. Also, the utilites availability is based on the current availabilities of your vehicle so you will need to check that before you check the coolers. Warm drinks are chilly and everything uses ice, so when you are considering a weekend break why not just have a few bottles of chilled drinks and eat at your leisure. Then you can put ice in these containers to keep your food cold.

I hope this article has given you some information to help you make an informed decision of buying a used caravan. Asking the sellers advice is recommended but not always reliable as they have past experience and as they say there is no such thing as bad experience. A few sellers may also bericanabuses, but always be careful and polite.

No matter what type of used used caravan you are looking for, it is most likely that it will be either too small or to full or even mobile. Meaning that it needs to be either Purchase or saleable. If it is the second type of caravan which is larger then the smaller one, then you must be able to tow this with a small car or van. As the majority of used caravans are either too small or full with facilities then it is highly possible that your first choice will be no suitable caravan.

However, as suggested these vans can be bought and sold as is, and you can get a good deal anywhere. These vans can be bought at auction or you can visit these places and purchase them of course. You can be able to purchase a caravan on a motorhome holiday, and usually get excellent bargains.

So this not only saves you a lot of money, it helps you to make your decision of which caravan to buy much easier. Is used buying a caravan good for you? it’s your call. Personally I think it much be a stepping stone to buying a brand new Camper van.