Days Out in the Lake District

Days Out in the Lake District

If you’re looking to take a great walk, with convenient access to stunning woodland, then you can’t do much better than heading to one of the Lake District’s outlying areas. Slopes, meadows, lanes, and countrysides can all add up to a great day out.

Here are a few suggestions for outstanding Lake District walks.

Nethergill farm

This easy and fairly wide walk begins at the very entrance to the lovely farming village of Mundcomplete. The towering tree trunks of the huge ash trees can be seen well out in the open and the ancient gate gives an appreciation of the history of the place.

The path is well charted and there are several lookouts placed along the way, so you can spend the afternoon or morning at the park.

The Woods ofMaxwell-in-the-Moor

This is an interesting and varied walk, covering some of the beautiful remote country near to the Nant-y-Coy Mill. The route is well planned and, apart from the woods, you get to see some of the most beautiful countryside in the place.

The Altura woodland near to the Three Peaks is particularly lovely and the route offers a wide range of routes. If you fancy a flatter walk, then the shortest one leads to the famous Loch Ness Monster Exhibition.

Cairngorms National Park

This park contains some of the most dramatic scenery in Britain, and has become one of the favoured destinations for tourists spending days out in Scotland.

There are many easy trails to walk and enjoy, including the famous Secret Garden and the delightful Loch Ness walk. For the more daring, you can take on the powerful and challenging Selkirk Gully route.

While Cairngorms is open year round, particular sites are limited to the weekends.

The Foldsite Garigal is a lovely bed and breakfast based in the picturesque village of Cueranger. Being situated close to the summit of Mallaig (1185m) means you can enjoy panoramic views every which way.

Keen walkers to try and get to the top of Cueranger Mountain can enjoy the famous view of the Begonia simplex cloud forest. Here the views are just breathtaking, on a good day you can even see the Royal Family in Ireland – but you need to be well prepared for the hike. It is a 5 miles walk in total and you need to be well prepared, as it is a rewarding and challenging walk.

Try and get to the start of the trail as early as possible, as during the festival many walkers will choose to sit in the car park overnight waiting for the next walk.

The National Wallace Monument is slighter at .6km but is a stiff climb at 9.3km. This route is excellent for younger walkers and children and there are fantastic views down the valley.

Both of these routes are suitable for children to play in, with some evening excursions, the treats usually waiting for yourson after dinner!

The Car Park Bikes and Rail Trail is a superb route with a variety ofroad passing through exquisiteforest and meadows. There are several shorterrollers, a rain rail and an easy ride through the caldera oflamb.


The region of Lesser Falls has a whole lot of wonderful walking to offer. Water is everything here, and the walking is simple but exceptionally rewarding.


In roadside towns along the waterways there is a huge choice of places to stay. Accommodation is not necessary on wheels but you can find camping suggestionsin the hospitality of the locals.

Intermediate fun – Escapology UK

In the Top Spenders list this UK company didn’t even make it into our top five! But if you are looking for a unique experience,gone camping is not a bad place to visit.

Escapology is near Lisbon in the Algarve region of Portugal.

They have man-made imprints in the landscape, a natural phenomenon where water seems to follow the paths taken by the dinosaurs.

Coordinated tours help you to explore the Algarve at your own pace.

This is the perfect way to explore the Algarve at a easier pace than you would normally have.

Conventional holidays include lots of other people, other cultures, different food and often other activities.

But Escapology is completely different. They encourage families to have time to spend together.

Children can get excursions with adult guides who will act as a tour leader. These areOGUNCHO trips.

The Escapology UK site is strong on security. Visitor’s are greeted with autoneness of the hostel staff. This seems to be a refreshing break from the rather placid seaside atmosphere that can be found.